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Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of this world-famous stone circle and follow in the footsteps of the prehistoric people who lived here 4,000 years ago as you walk among the Neolithic houses.

Stonehenge stone circle

With a history spanning 4,500 years Stonehenge has many different meanings to people today. It is a wonder of the world, a spiritual place and a source of inspiration. The Stone Circle is a masterpiece of engineering, and building it would have taken huge effort from hundreds of well-organised people using only simple tools and technologies.

Visit the Neolithic dwellings, recreated to show how people would have lived at the time of that Stone Henge was built.

Neolithic houses at Stonehenge
The visitor centre at Stonehenge

Learn about Stonehenge in the visitor centre where you can see fascinating artefacts, photographs and archeological treasures.

From £200

Year round

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